A way to develop a young person’s ability to manage the direct payment can be to put in place transitional arrangements, initially set up with the young person managing only a proportion of their support with direct payments. This proportion could increase as the young person matures, with the objective of full management of the support package at age 18.

 Young disabled people may receive assistance with managing the direct payments, just as any other direct payment recipient may do. Where that assistance takes the form of a user-controlled trust or similar arrangement, it should be set up in the knowledge of the views of those people with parental responsibility. Their ability to express their views should not be undermined by the arrangement.

For more information about young people being involved with the management of their Direct Payment, please speak to you Support Worker, or visit:

The Transition Information Network (www.transitioninfonetwork.org.uk)

Contact a Family (http://www.cafamily.org.uk/know-your-rights/disabled-childrens-services/moving-into-adult-services/)

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